All Star Prep
Half Year  
This program is designed to give more athletes, ages 10 to 17, the chance to experience and participate in competitive cheerleading. This is great for athletes with prior athletic commitments, such as high school or recreatinal competitive cheer.  The Prep program was created for those dedicated athletes and families who would prefer less of a time commitment, lower cost and would like to compete locally. 

December through May twice a week for 2 hours each practice day. 
Extra practices are sometimes needed for choreography, consistency and overall polish off routine. 

WE Half Year will perform at 4 local competitions between February and May.

Registration fee  - $50
Monthly fee -  $125 
Practice Wear - $35
Competition Wear - TBD
Competition Fees - TBD

There will be fundraising opportunities for athletes to offset the cost of fees.  

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